Tennent’s Launch The Best Christmas Present With Still Game

Two Pints Pr*ck! (Pack) Scotland’s favourite pint, Tennent’s Lager, has partnered with Scotland’s best-loved sitcom Still Game to add two more well-known faces to the list of Tennent’s Lager Lovelies – Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade. Scotland’s most famous pensioners have been made up as lovelies and given their very own two pints pr*ck pack, […]

5 Scottish Tweets That Sum Up Family Life From Scottish Twitter

Some of these tweets hilariously comment on some little things we all experience with our Scottish families, straight from the best Scottish Twitter accounts. 1. “Does anyone else’s mum completely over exaggerate stories to their friends and you’re just sat there like well no that didn’t happen” 2. “Canny stand when your looking for something […]

10 Hilarious Scottish Jokes

We are known for our great sense of humour. So here’s the best Hilarious Scottish Jokes we could find on Twitter. 1.”Aye av no changed ma mind” Brilliant. 2.Classic. 3.Paddy and Mick will always be pals. 4.Steven. 5.Cement the world to him. 6.Where you’ll find me and my pals. 7.A personal favourite. 8.I’m not sure […]