5 Scottish Tweets That Sum Up Family Life From Scottish Twitter

Some of these tweets hilariously comment on some little things we all experience with our Scottish families, straight from the best Scottish Twitter accounts.


“Does anyone else’s mum completely over exaggerate stories to their friends and you’re just sat there like well no that didn’t happen”


“Canny stand when your looking for something and you ask your maw where it is and she hits you with ‘where you left it’ aye naybother mystic meg away to fuck”


“asked my dad for some roasted cheese and I’ve received borderline child abuse”


“See when your in bed and ask someone to close your door and they leave it that wee bit open and you question why they got rid of the death penalty”


“can’t just be my family that spell out the word ‘W A L K’ when they say it in case the dog hears the actual word and gets all excited”

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