10 Brilliant Scottish Tweets about Gaffs/Empties

Whether you know it as a “gaff” or an “empty”, we can all agree everybody loves a good Scottish house party. Here’s 10 great Scottish tweets about them.

1.The classic awful moment at a house party when you realise someone broke something, now the host is going crazy and you have to find a hiding spot to squeeze the last few minutes out the sesh.

2.This is when a steaming lunatic think they’re an expert in law and try to take on Scotland’s finest.

3.Either the host is out her box or just a dafty.

4.Only WE are allowed to do that.

5. Memories.

6. And the unemployed sit there with their smug faces knowing they won’t be hinging in work.

7. This needs to be developed. Severe lack of Gaffs.

8.That time when you ponder becoming a DJ because a few of your tunes went down well at a gaff.

9. When they keep playing a genre you despise.


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