5 Relatable Hilarious Scottish Tweets


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The way women somehow create a hat out of a towel is mystical. How can a sheet possibly have the strength to stay up like that? Its one of the only questions yer Dad can’t even answer you…


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It’s not like I have anything worth seeing… I just don’t think about the fact someone may be able to go on my phone and don’t even get me started on when my Mum’s on a photo and starts swiping right.


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I could talk all day about the ‘SQA’. New higher…  kids without exam textbooks… exams being too difficult or too easy… Though despite that. Yer teacher is most likely a mongo too when you take into account other school’s and yer just like “they never taught us that”.


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The best dinner for me would be a meal deal from Sainsbury’s or Tesco nowadays… Where has the home cooked Jamie Oliver style food gone, Mum?


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“Oh says you thoughh…” “Nah hen look at you but” I wonder if facebook could implement an auto-reply system like that of marketing emails so that when someone comments that Facebook can just auto through one of them “Aw no hen you’re gorgeous” type phrases back?